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By Karla Pomeroy

Milestone met by local Sleep in Heavenly Peace chapter


March 14, 2019

Karla Pomeroy

Shealee Donahue of Pinnacle Bank was one of many volunteers helping out at the March build for the Big Horn Basin Sleep in Heavenly Peace chapter on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

WORLAND - When Dan and Nancy Frederick began the Big Horn Basin chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace they knew there was a need for beds and they hoped within the first year to be able to build 100 bunk beds, thus providing 200 beds to children around the Basin.

Due to the need and the overwhelming generosity of the Worland community the Sleep in Heavenly Peace Big Horn Basin chapter reached a 100th bunk-bed milestone on Saturday, March 9, just nine months after starting their chapter.

"Since we've started we have become more aware of the impact on these kids' lives. Each child that receives this gift from the donors and volunteers here in Worland not only receives a bed complete with mattress, sheets, pillow and comforter, but also they receive a place of their own," the Fredericks said.

"At times it is a place to get away from others. Other times it is a fort to play in. Sometimes it is a castle in their kingdom where they can look down on the world around them. But no matter how it is used, it is a place of comfort that is their own. It is a place where they will be able to get a good night's sleep to help prepare them for the next day," they said.

They added, "Each child in need receives this gift from people who want to help other people. How kids get into these circumstances is not important. What is important is that we continue to provide beds until 'No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in Our Town.'"

According to the website,, Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) had its start in Luke Mickelson's garage in Idaho. A project, that was started with the build of one bed for a single family developed into something a whole lot more. With wood left over from the first bunk, another idea was created. "Who else could benefit from this bunk"?

According to the website "A simple post on Facebook sparked an unexpected

response. What was thought would be a litter of requests from needy families, turned into a litany of local people eager to help and volunteer. The generosity of these volunteers was so surprising that it was no longer a search for one who needed a bed, but a question of how many beds we could provide. From there, the idea grew into reality. We can make a difference."

The Fredericks, began their chapter in 2018 with the first build on June 9.

Dan Frederick found out about SHP by watching a Facebook episode of Mike Rowe's "Returning the Favor" in which SHP and the work they are doing for children was featured. His first thought - "There can't be a need around here; not in this day and age. But it bothered me. I thought 'could that be."

Nancy Frederick said when Dan sees an episode of Returning the Favor or another online show that really has an impact he shows it to his wife and that was the case for Sleep In Heavenly Peace.

Dan Frederick said as the thought of children in the area not sleeping in a bed continued to bother him and Nancy they began talking to people in the community to see if there was a need.

"We found out there is a big need for that, for all sorts of situations. Once I found out there was a need, I just said well we can do something about this. This is something we can change," Dan Frederick said.

Others have also seen the need and help has poured in for them to be able to build 200 beds.

"June 9 was our first build we had only 15 volunteers and built 10 beds. This was our first chapter build and it was mainly to get our feet under us and work out the logistics of operating a build. This was the only build that went over four hours as it took six hours just to build these 10 beds," Dan Frederick said.

July 28 was the first public build, sponsored by Grace Lutheran Church and St. Luke's Lutheran Church with 40 volunteers and 20 beds built that day in the parking lot next to Grace Lutheran Church.

Aug. 25 was the first build at the "Barn", a shop located at our house. This build was sponsored by the Newell B. Sargent Foundation and we made 20 more beds for the kids in the Big Horn Basin with 30 volunteers.

Sept. 22 was the next build at the "Barn," again sponsored by the Newell B. Sargent Foundation and general donations. "We built 31 beds that day as we started to streamline our process and we had 42 volunteers to help," Frederick said.

The Newell B. Sargent Foundation sponsored the build on Oct. 20 at the "Barn." Thirty-two beds were built by 42 volunteers.

There were 40 volunteers building 20 beds Nov. 17 inside the "Barn." Nelson and Page Dental sponsored the build as the first corporately sponsored build.

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, Hughes Truss, and 3 J's Welding combined to sponsor the next build and the first in 2019 on Jan. 12. There were 45 volunteers that built 30 beds.

"This was also a first for us as 3 J's offered us the use of their shop during the winter. We really appreciated the additional room at 3 J's and we were able to use it for our January, February and March builds," Frederick said.

The Feb. 9 build was sponsored by Admiral Beverage with 71 volunteers building 36 beds in a few short hours.

The milestone build was Saturday, March 9, at 3 J's Welding and sponsored by Pinnacle Bank, Grace Lutheran Church Women and the Paul Stock Foundation.

"In about three hours we made 32 beds with about 50 volunteers. The process continues to get more efficient and we continue to get new volunteers willing to give a few hours to help us achieve our goal which is "No Kid Sleeps on the Floor in our Town". We consider the entire Big Horn Basin as our town," Frederick said.

After Saturday's build they have built 231 beds. They have delivered all over the Big Horn Basin in almost every community, Nancy Frederick said. They had 12 deliveries scheduled for Monday and Tuesday.

The Fredericks noted their biggest delivery was 27 beds "up north" in the Big Horn and Park counties.

"We've been amazed at the response [in volunteers and donations]," Dan Frederick said.

Even with 231 beds to be delivered, the Fredericks said the need to ensure that "no kid sleeps on the floor in our town" still exists throughout the Basin.

Nancy Frederick said, "We can still use bedding." The beds are twin size and comforters, pillows and sheet sets are needed. They can be dropped off at Hake Realty or Rocky Mountain Framing.

For more information see the local chapter's Facebook page @SHPWorland or

The Big Horn Basin chapter is only one of two Wyoming chapters with the other in Rock Springs.


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