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Hear Me Out...The most entitled group in professional sports

Professional sports are reaching a breaking point with its most entitled group. The rise of social media has embolden them even more and something soon needs to be done in order to curb this uncontrollable entitlement. The owners of the franchises certainly won't do anything and the players can only do so much but in order to get these fans under control, it's going to take some self-policing.

Yes, fans are the most entitled group in the entire professional sports landscape. Just look at what has happened in the last couple days with the Antonio Brown trade and the Russell Westbrook altercation with that Utah Jazz fan.

Brown quit on the Steelers and I think that should still mean something. I'm all for player empowerment but you can't just walk out on your team, even if your hatred of a coworker has merit. But that is a separate issue to Brown using his leverage to get out of Pittsburgh.

Outside not playing in the one game Brown was QB Ben Roethlisberger's favorite punching bag. Any bad game from Big Ben he'd take some blame but dump most of it on his WRs, OL, RBs or coaches. Nothing was ever really Big Ben's fault. At some point in all of our working careers, we've encountered people like Big Ben. They're annoying and become tiresome after a while.

So I don't blame AB for wanting to get out while he still had leverage and value, those things don't stick around for long in the NFL. Then to top it off, he got a pay raise to boot.

AOC has yet to turn this country into a democratic-socialist state, so since we're still living in a capitalistic nation we should all stand up and applaud AB for maximizing his position and capitalizing on his value. But instead, all you see on Twitter are nerd fans complaining about there being no loyalty with players these days. What do you want to bet that the very people complaining about AB finding a new home have switched their jobs multiple times because they hated the work environment or got more money elsewhere?

That level of hypocrisy is very, very funny to me.

I get that Steelers fans are bummed out that AB is gone and it is tough to take him seriously since he dyed his mustache blonde. It's the rage and entitlement that doesn't make sense to me. Again, AOC isn't running the show just yet, so why do these fans feel like they can tell another human being what they can or cannot do with their professional livelihood. Just thank AB for the years he gave you, move on and root for JuJu and your other young stars.

As for the Westbrook incident, this is fan entitlement run amok.

If you're not familiar, Westbrook was caught on tape yelling at a Utah Jazz fan "I'll f**k you up. You and your wife." After the game, the Jazz fan who Westbrook yelled at, Shane Keisel, told his said of the story.

Keisel's story would have played better had the theme music from "Schindler's List" been playing softly in the background. The entire time Keisel was angling for the victim card like he said nothing bad to really provoke that reaction from Westbrook. And he's just a poor little white guy who got scared by a big black man.

Later Westbrook went on to say Keisel told him to "Get on your knees, like you're used to." I don't agree with Westbrook in that was racial, it's homophobic. So basically, Westbrook and Keisel were trash talking each other and Keisel saw an opportunity to play the victim.

Keisel's victim card didn't last long because the internet is full of a bunch of snoops who dug through Keisel's recent Twitter history and found a lot of racist remarks, some of which involved Westbrook.

Dividing this thing up, Westbrook is in the wrong for saying he'd lay hands on Keisel's wife, even if she was running her mouth too. We're in a new era Russ, what the hell are you thinking? But Keisel looks the worst out of all of this, he ran his mouth at Westbrook and got embarrassed. Then being the snowflake he is, he went sniveling to the media playing the race/victim card.

One way we can curb this fan entitlement is by reviving the show "Pros vs. Joes", but to update it, the producers dig through Twitter and other social media platforms. They'll look for fans who say they can do better than professional player X. Then they reach out and bring that person on the show to go head-to-head against that athlete.

It will be pure gold and the best part of every season is the couch bum who plays basketball at the rec center once a week during the winter thinking they could take a WNBA player.

To top it off, the whole time the Joe is getting worked by the pro athlete, their Twitter handle is up on the screen and all of America is blowing up their mentions.

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