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Big Horn County reports second positive case

The Big Horn County Public Health Department released the following statement on their Facebook page confirming their second positive case of the novel coronavirus:

On April 29, 2020 the Big Horn County Public Health Department received notification of an individual testing positive for COVID-19. The individual is an adult male. This is the second resident of Big Horn County who has tested positive to date. This case is not related to the previous positive in our county. Investigation reveals the exposure appears to be the result of an out of state individual attending training in our county. This underscores the need to continue safe exposure reduction practices as have been emphasized throughout this emergency. Community support and compliance is imperative at every level to protect our citizens. Safety is up to you. Representatives from the county are working to ensure the health and safety of our residents.

Information regarding COVID-19 is available throughout the area including the County and Public Health Department websites and Facebook. Local agencies will continue to provide community education about mitigation efforts such as social distancing. Evidence from other affected cities and countries clearly shows that areas that initiated mitigation measures prior to widespread community transmission are significantly better able to address their community’s needs.

For more Wyoming information on COVID-19, is a one stop shop for COVID-19 information.

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