Serving the Big Horn Basin for over 100 years


Liz Cheney - Republican

I am honored to be Wyoming’s lone representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. I serve as the third ranking member of the House Republican

Conference and sit on both the House Armed Services Committee and Natural Resources Committee.

I’m a proud constitutional conservative with a track record of championing free markets, restoring our liberties, securing our country, and defending our constitutional rights. I

have been a tireless advocate for Wyoming families and our key industries, including ag, energy and tourism, working to protect us from one-size fits all policy handed down from Washington, DC.

I will work every day to stop those who want to take power away from individuals and give it to the federal government. Wyoming only has one seat in the US House and we must ensure we have the strongest voice possible representing us.

Carl Beach - Democrat

Where do you currently live?

Ryan Park, Wyoming

How long have you lived in Wyoming?

Technically, almost my whole life. But since I am an international educator, I spend school years (minus winter holidays and summer holidays) in the country I am employed.

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

International Educator - teacher and administrator (worldwide)

In 100 words or less, why are you running for Congress?

Having been born and

raised in a rural area of Wyoming, I recognize, understand, and have lived through many of the issues that face our state and rural America: a boom and bust economy due to being overly reliant on one industry (coal); a community having limited access to healthcare and emergency services; a valley of family-owned ranches being squeezed by corporate agribusiness that threatens their livelihood or forces them to be bought out; public lands that are underfunded and cannot be appropriately managed, leaving conservation efforts and public access ever more constricted; and finally, seeing infrastructure dwindle to not meet the demands of a modern economy.

I want to address these issues by prioritizing healthcare for all, ensuring conservation of our public lands and wildlife, reestablishing environmental protections, supporting infrastructure development (particularly broadband access to rural areas) and finally, building a resilient, strong economy that is sustainable long-term for Wyoming.

Lynnette Grey Bull - Democrat

Where do you currently live?

I reside on the Wind River Indian Reservation, in the heart of Wyoming.

How long have you lived in Wyoming?

I resided in Arizona for 11 years. I moved to Wind River Reservation in August of 2017.

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

I am presently the director of an organization I founded in 2013 – Not Our

Native Daughters. NOND works to promote the education, awareness, and advocacy work of Child sex trafficking; human/labor trafficking; human trafficking and exploitation in

Indian country and missing, and murdered, indigenous women & girls. I also facilitate trainings/education in Trauma-InformedCare for victims of sexual assault; ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences and Historical Trauma to Present Day Trauma in Native Americans. In addition, I also work for the Northern Arapaho Tribe as the director for the Department of Interior -Land Buy-Back Program. Lastly, I also serve as vice president to the Global Indigenous Council.

In 100 words or less, why are you running for Congress?

I want to create change.

I want to see the 53% of Americans that make up the working-class, represented in Congress. More than half of those in Congress are millionaires - median net worth of members of Congress is just over $1 million. With Wyoming 11% unemployment rise; due to covid-19, there is much to be done. Furthermore, I want to bring respect and dignity back to our political discourse. I have demonstrated a willingness and ability to work constructively with Republican colleagues. Wyoming deserves a representative whose motives are to better the lives of everyday Americans.

Carol Hafner - Democrat

I’m presently a South Dakota resident with the requirement that I would have to be a resident of Wyoming when elected to U.S. House of Representatives.

I am a retired Higher Education Administrator in College Relations. At Brookdale Community College, I took advantage of continuing my formal education (BS Family & Consumer Sciences/Business, Immaculata University); Criminal Justice, K-12 Education, Dietetics/ Nursing pre-requisites, History of WWII; over 60 credits.

I served on College Governance committees: Institutional Planning & Development, LGBT, Media Coordinator for Center for WWII Studies & Conflict Resolution, Center for Holocaust Studies and more.

My Microbiology, Anatomy & physiology, Organic Chemistry and Statistics are especially relevant to Covid-19 understanding and decisions. Prior careers include Technical Sales with Merck Pharmaceuticals, my key account.

Nothing gets by me regarding glass vials so all the Covid vaccine development and testing procedures are home turf for me.

Before, I was an international and domestic Flight Attendant for Eastern Airlines, traveling extensively in South and Central America. After EAL’s bankruptcy involving Frank Lorenzo, a

close pal of Donald Trump, I was hired by Northwest Orient and traveled to Asia.

Congress is where decisions are made. My integrity guides me in making solid, educated and ethical decisions-something that has been lacking in our Country for far too long.

I traveled the world solo and did humanitarian aid. I made a difference in lives. I bring these strong personal values to Wyoming. Why?

Because we are in a crisis of change. Covid is escalating economic and government changes. Fossils fuels no longer rule. Family farming is wrongly being shortchanged. Wyoming can adapt without losing its identity. I have an open heart, a solid, diverse education and personal integrity. Lots more @