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Inspiring messages of hope


October 21, 2021

If you didn't go to mixed martial arts fighter Court McGee's presentation last Wednesday night at the Worland Middle School Auditorium you missed out.

It doesn't matter if you are battling addiction, if you know someone who is battling addiction, McGee's story, as well as anyone's story who is in long-term recovery is inspiring. Yes, McGee, who says he has an inherent addictive personality, struggled in his recovery at the start, stumbling several times. But to date he is more than 5,660 days sober and counting.

Not only is his story inspiring but his willingness to share his story is inspiring.

One can be inspired by a professional mixed martial arts fighter, the winner of season 11 of the Ultimate Fighter.

But, more inspiring than McGee's stories is local stories from people here in our own community who have battled the same demons as McGee and are on their own long-term recovery road.

Thanks to the efforts of Cloud Peak Counseling Center, the Northern Wyoming News has been able to bring you faces of people in our community and their stories of recovery. These people are as inspiring, if not more, to share their stories publicly. To let people know, yes they have struggled with addiction, but they are sober.

We thank Megan Lathrop, Jerry Kiser, Destiny Gutierrez and Tracey Nusbaum (who will be featured next week) for their courage to publicly share their stories and we hope that their stories, and McGee's story of recovery will help someone else.

None of these people are sharing their story to bring glory to themselves, but as McGee said, sharing their stories is sharing a story of hope.

Every addict in recovery has their own story to tell. Every story is different, every life experience is different. Every story shared is a chance for someone else to start their road to recovery.

McGee shared the quote at each presentation and in an interview, "don't give up five minutes before the miracle." Recovery is a long road but it is possible.

McGee shared at the close of his community presentation last week. "I never thought I would make it. There was not a lot of hope in mixed martial arts. There was not a lot of hope I was going to get sober. But one day at a time I didn't pick up and I didn't drink and I had become someone I never thought I could be. I never thought I could share my story of overcoming addiction or thought I would be fighting [11 years later]."

He said at one of his first autograph sessions after winning season 11 of the Ultimate Fighter he was asked by man to write something encouraging for his grandson and he wrote, "Always work hard and never give up on your dreams."

-Karla Pomeroy


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