Hot Springs Health warns community to beware of scam phone calls


December 28, 2023

Hot Springs Health has recently been made aware of its main hospital number (307) 864-3121 being used in an attempt to scam members of the community.

The caller ID shows the call coming from the hospital. During the call, the person on the phone misrepresents themselves as an employee or representative of the hospital, and asks for personal information including Social Security Numbers, Medicare ID numbers, and other personal information. The caller may attempt to use an unpaid hospital bill as an excuse to gain this information. While the phone numbers from which the calls are coming from may match Hot Springs Health’s main number, they are not originating from its facility, Hot Springs Health officials announced in a press release this week. This has been confirmed and verified by their Information Technology Department.

Hot Springs Health has reported the calls as a scam, and will be filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. As a reminder, do not give out your personal or financial information over the telephone. Resist the pressure from scammers to act immediately or pay in a specific way. If you are unsure about anyone who has contacted you for any reason, please call the main hospital number at (307) 864-3121 or our extended business office at (307) 864-4009


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