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By Karla Pomeroy

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January 30, 2020

Should senators seek the office of the president be sitting in as jurors in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump? The answer is a simple no, but not because there is an impeachment trial.

Trump supporters are complaining that four senators who are vying for his position are also jurors in the trial. Supporters of the senators are complaining they aren't in Iowa to prepare for that state's caucus.

The simple solution is one I have been a proponent for, for a long time, if a senator, representative, governor or someone in any other political office besides president wants to run for president they should resign immediately.

How effective can they be when their focus is on seeking another office. They have announced they are no longer interested in their current office. They are not usually spending time fulfilling their duties in that office.

By law they do not have to resign. But they should. Why don't they? Because if their term is not up then they don't risk losing their cushy government job.

I believe this should also happen at the state level if a mayor, state representative or state senator is going to seek one of the five state elected positions then they should resign and let someone be appointed who can fulfill the duties, who is interested in the position they no longer want.

That's my two cents.

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Speaking of the Wyoming Legislature, the start of the budget session gets underway in a little over a week. While the focus of the 20-day session is the budget there will be many other bills introduced and passed and it is important to stay informed. The website is to look over the bills and track the bills.

There are two tax bills, including one that would increase the fuel tax by three cents.

The legislators are making decisions that will impact your life and your neighbor's life stay informed.

** ** **

In addition to staying informed you can also stay active in your own community. There are plenty of opportunities with positions open on the Washakie County Fair Board, Hospital Board, Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission.

There is also an opening on the Worland Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission.

For Ward 1 residents there is an opening on the city council. This is the perfect time to test the waters to see if serving on the council is right for you. The person who will be appointed will serve until the end of the year. If they want to retain the seat they must file for the primary election later this year.

** ** **

Finally, you hear it said a lot that there is never any good news reported well this week's issue is for you - 69-year reunion between siblings, Clark Enterprises earning national honors and this newspaper earning some high honors at the recent Wyoming Press Association winter convention. The speech team is riding high after another win and, of course, our sports teams and coaches are excelling.

Enjoy the read this week and stop by to say hi to myself or any of our staff next week during our open house Feb. 6.


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