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Big Horn County implements Level 3 Health alert

Schools, gatherings canceled

Update from Dr. David Fairbanks

Big Horn County Public Health Officer

The Governor and State School Superintendent have recommended that we close school until

April 3rd.

We are implementing a Level 3 Health Warning:

Level 3 (level 1 & 2 interventions plus:)

1. All public and private schools (K-12), and child care facilities will dismiss students for a

minimum of 2 weeks (re-evaluation at 10 days). Administration, staff, and teachers may

attend school to facilitate distance learning.

2. Eliminate community and faith-based gatherings of any size.

3. Eliminate non-essential travel.

Level 2 (level 1 interventions plus:)

1. Eliminate public events and gatherings of 100 individuals or more for the general

public (includes extracurricular activities for schools, but not instruction).

2. Eliminate public events and gatherings of 10 individuals or more for those at high


1. Those individuals 65 years of age or older.

2. Those individuals with immunosuppression and chronic health problems

3. Consider distance learning for all public and private school students at high risk (e.g.

immunosuppression, chronic medical conditions).

4. Businesses and government offices will evaluate options for employees to work

remotely from home.

Level 1

5. Disseminate accurate and timely information to county residents on COVID-19 and

local trends.

6. Encourage limitations in movement within the community.

7. Limit visitors to hospitals and long-term care facilities.

8. Coordinate plans for worsening of the situation between Public Health, Homeland

Security, and local government.

9. Individual behaviors:

1. Stay at home when you are sick.

2. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds OR use alcohol-

based hand sanitizer.

3. Cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing (do not use bare hand).

4. When experiencing respiratory symptoms, call healthcare provider before

going to clinic or

5. Avoid crowds and sick individuals.

6. Avoid touching face with unwashed hands.

Because there is no treatment for COVID-19, go to the ER only when

symptoms worsen to the point that you are likely to need admission to the

hospital for supportive care (e.g. respiratory difficulty).

Sources of Information on COVID-19

1. Park County Public Health Coronavirus Information Line: 754-1870 or 527-1870

2. Big Horn County Public Health Facebook Page: Up to date announcements from Wyoming

Department of Health as they are released.

3. Wyoming Department of Health Website:

3. CDC Website:

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