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Biden wins 10 Wyoming delegates, Sanders 4

WY Democratic Caucus Results Announced

Cheyenne--The Wyoming Democratic Party (WDP) has announced its 2020 Caucus results, with former Vice President Joe Biden winning 72.2% of the state’s popular vote. Senator Bernie Sanders was the only other candidate to reach viability, with 27.8%. Vice President Biden has been awarded with 10 national delegates, and Senator Sanders with 4.

The WyoDems 2020 caucus set a participation record, with 15,428 ballots cast for a total turnout rate of 38%. On this historic achievement, party chair Joe M. Barbuto said,

"It's only April and this has already been a historic year for Wyoming Democrats. We offer our congratulations to Vice President Biden and Senator Sanders on securing delegates. This record-setting rate of participation speaks to the enthusiasm among Democratic voters about this election and the benefits of ranked choice voting and voting by mail. We look forward to carrying this momentum through to November and electing Democrats up and down the ballot."

The caucus utilized ranked choice voting which allowed WyoDems to rank candidates in order of preference, which when combined with a robust vote-by-mail program, enabled all registered WyoDems to fully participate in the caucus even with adjustments in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

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