Jackson area officials ask shed antler hunters to wait


April 23, 2020

Jane Elliott

Shed antler hunting season opens May 1. Jackson area officials are asking hunters to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic situation has stabilized

The following statement was released by the Town of Jackson and Teton County regarding shed antler hunters.

Administrators and public health officials from the Town of Jackson and Teton County,

Wyoming are asking anyone who may be coming to this area to look for shed antlers

to wait until after the pandemic situation has stabilized.

Several State and County health orders and recommendations are currently in place

regarding travel from other geographic areas outside of Teton County and the State of

Wyoming. This includes limiting movement and gathering only with individuals who

are part of your immediate household. Additionally, Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon

has asked anyone coming to Wyoming from another state to immediately selfquarantine

for 14 days, or for the entire duration if someone is here for a shorter stay.

A substantial influx of visitors using gas stations, convenience and grocery stores,

sporting goods stores, and other amenities puts Teton County further at risk and

compromises limited resources. It also increases the likelihood visitors will jeopardize

their own communities when returning home. Teton County has the second highest lab

confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, with hospital resource use and number of

deaths predicted to peak in Wyoming on or near May 1.

Anyone considering travel to Teton County should regularly check the jhcovid.com web

site for current guidance related to travel, physical distancing, and changes to public

lands access.


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