Arrow shoved down throat of Lyman puppy


August 13, 2020

LYMAN (WNE) — On Thursday evening, Aug. 6, the Giles family dog, Milly, got loose. When Aaron Giles realized she was missing, he searched for Milly and found her about 20-30 minutes later behind the house and a group of teenagers were lingering by the town pavilion in Lyman.

Giles shouted at the teens and asked them what they were doing. They ran off. When Giles got the family’s dog home, the family realized something was wrong with the dog. She had blood near her jaw and whimpered in pain.

The Giles took the dog to the vet on Friday, Aug. 7, where the veterinarian took X-rays and discovered an arrow had been shoved down the dog’s throat.

Hatches said they have had the dog for four and a half months, “but love her so much and are so sad that she had to experience such senseless brutality by this group of teenagers.”

They filed a police report in hopes of catching who was responsible for this violent act against a defenseless little puppy.”

They are also asking everyone to share their story, and for help in finding who was responsible for the attack on their dog.


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