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An open letter to Washakie County residents and businesses from the commissioners

Dear Washakie County Business owners,

Washakie County is experiencing a spike in Covid 19 cases. If the current trajectory continues, the increased number of cases has the potential to overwhelm our medical resources. It is important now more than ever that you implement best practices (listed below) within your business to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

• Maintain 6 foot distances between customers, if that can’t be maintained customers and employees should wear face coverings.

• Screen employees for signs of sickness when they come to work.

• Ask individuals who are sick not to enter your business.

• Install splash guards and shields at counters to protect employees.

• Post all health orders that relate to your business on the front door.

There is a great deal of pressure from county health officers’ state wide for the counties or the state to put mask orders in place. Although it is within the authority of the county health officers along with the state health officer to implement a mask mandate the, Washakie County Commissioners do not support such a mandate, as we consider it to be an encroachment on civil liberties.

That being said with personal freedom comes personal responsibility. We are at a cross roads where the citizens of Washakie County have a civic duty to do everything they can to protect themselves and their neighbors from Covid 19 in order to protect our capacity to care for sick people.

Thank you in advance for helping us work together to keep the residents of Washakie County safe.


Fred W. Frandson, Chairman

Washakie County Commissioners

Terrence D. Wolf, Member

Washakie County Commissioners

Aaron Anderson, Member

Washakie County Commissioners