By Marcus Huff
Staff Writer 

Bigfoot spotted near Crazy Woman Canyon;

State agencies warn against hunting the creature


March 31, 2022

TEN SLEEP – Several state agencies were activated Friday morning, after numerous motorist reports of a large creature venturing across Highway 16 near Crazy Woman Canyon, in the Big Horn Mountains.

At approximately 8:47 a.m., two vehicles and one motorcycle stopped at the Pony Express gas station in Ten Sleep, requesting law enforcement and reporting that at least one of the vehicles had been attacked by a large, upright creature, throwing basketball-sized rocks at passing cars.

Stephen Gartenson of Gillette was on his way to see family in Worland when he first encountered the self-described “bigfoot.”

“I came around the corner up there and this thing was standing by the road,” said Gartenson. “I spilled my coffee all over the place and slammed on the brakes, when it threw a big rock at the trunk.”

Immediately behind Gartenson, the Rutledge family of Clear Lakes, Minnesota, came around the corner and swerved to miss the stopped vehicle. “This big hairy thing was chucking rocks at this guy’s car and it was just a mess,” said Calvin Rutledge, father of four and husband of Susan Rutledge.

“My kids were clamoring for their cell phones to get a picture and my wife was screaming to keep going, so I just booked it,” said Rutledge.

Both Gartenson and the Rutledge family sped off the mountain, stopping in Ten Sleep to get a cell phone signal, while the Rutledge children, visibly excited, snacked on corn dogs and sodas.

A few moments later, motorcycle rider John Dallenger of Sheridan pulled into the Pony Express and told of his Bigfoot sighting, just 10 minutes before.

“Damn thing almost made me wreck. It was standing on the center line, holding a stick and howling,” said Dallenger. “All I wanted was to get over here to see some friends.”

Both the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office and Wyoming Highway Patrol had no comment on the ongoing investigation of the sightings, but do not think they are related to the clown sightings below Deer Haven last summer.

John Walking Horse, a Shoshone historian in Riverton, believes the sightings of both yesterday’s Bigfoot and the clowns are related, and possibly ancient.

“Chief Washakie forbad hunting in that area, due to the Black Spirit Lodge caves up there,” said Walking Horse. “There are all sorts of shapeshifters and Wendigos in the Big Horns. Best to leave them alone.”

Walker Smith with the Wyoming Office of Mountain Investigations is asking that curious Bigfoot hunters stay out of the area for at least a week.

“It probably came out to find some food due to the late snow,” said Smith. “They’ve been known to do that.”

Editor’s Note: The staff of the Northern Wyoming News wishes you a very safe and happy April Fools Day.

Originally Published April 1, 2017


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