Karla's Kolumn: Renewing friendships and college fun


August 4, 2022

This weekend my best friend from college came up to enjoy fair and attend the Confederate Railroad concert. She is the first person I texted when I learned that the fair board had locked in the country group.

When we were in college we attended a number of concerts including the Judds, Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson. After college we saw Alan Jackson and Holly Dunn. The latter we reminisced about because it was at War Memorial Stadium and the opening act played through the rain but Dunn and her band played one song and canceled the show.

It was a bit of a disappointment to drive from Lovell (where I was living at the time) and not see the full concert. We did get to meet her at a reception and my friend’s husband remarked to Ms. Dunn that perhaps next time she should wear a slicker when visiting Wyoming, or something to that effect.

I get the whole safety issue, but there were many disappointed fans.

We talked about how country music was better in the 1980s and 1990s, because, well, it just is.

Don’t get me wrong I do like some current country artists but let’s be real, they aren’t completely country, it’s a more country/pop style.

Speaking of music and concerts, the Confederate Railroad concert was fantastic and the venue in the grassy area where the Wyoming Championship BBQ and Bluegrass Festival is held, was perfect. The evening was perfect with no wind, perfect temperature (and no rain) and great music from Lacy Nelson, Daniel Kosel and Confederate Railroad.

Everyone seemed relaxed on the grass and there was room for girls to turn cartwheels through most of the concert (I wished I had their energy), for couples to dance and everyone to have a great time.

I heard one couple remark as we were exiting that they were so glad they came and it was a great event.

Well done Washakie County Fair Board.

Now back to my visit with my friend. It was great to relive some of college glory days and we agreed that we will not let another 10-plus years pass by before another visit.

I have invited her and her husband up next year to enjoy the bluegrass festival and some barbecue and we will keep our eyes out for the next concert.

In fact, I was speaking of next year’s musical line up with Fair Board Chairman Jeff Lapp Tuesday and told them that they should try to get Chapel Hart who got the group golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent this year.

Check them out on YouTube or Amazon Music or your favorite streaming service and if you are a fan of country you will be a fan of theirs.

It’s just a suggestion to get a rising star while Washakie County might still be able to afford them.


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