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Sales tax and movies: Support them both

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters in Washakie County will be asked whether they would like to continue the one-cent general purpose tax aka the fifth-cent.

Voting in favor of this tax will not raise taxes in Washakie County but will keep them at the 5% sales tax it is currently at, while also benefiting eight agencies — City of Worland, Worland Community Center, Town of Ten Sleep, Worland Senior Center, Worland Youth Learning Center, Ten Sleep Senior Center, Washakie Development Association and Crisis Prevention and Response Center.

All eight of these provide vital services to their respective communities and to the county. The money generated by the fifth cent all comes back to the county to benefit our county residents.

The tax could become permanent via resolution from the three governing bodies — Washakie County Commissioners, Worland City Council and Ten Sleep Town Council — but they have opted to continue to come before the voters.

Every four years some of the entities that benefit from the tax change but again, it is all a benefit to the community that is Washakie County.

It is one way, the fairest way, for us to help ourselves and ensure we keep some of the services that we enjoy and that we need.

Maybe you do not utilize the senior center, but some day you might, and your neighbor may need their meals that they provide. Maybe you do not have kids so you do not need the services of the Worland Youth Learning Center. Again, maybe your nieces and nephews do, maybe your friend’s children or grandchildren partake of the services.

Washakie County is a family and the one-cent general purpose tax is one way we can all lend a helping hand for our family.

I encourage you to vote yes and support the continuation of the sales tax.


Several things are exempt from sales tax including movie theater tickets. Speaking of movies, congratulation to the Dykstra family of Ten Sleep for investing in Washakie County by re-opening the theater in Worland.

Washakie Cinemas officially opens to the public this weekend with showings on Saturday and Sunday. They are offering two movies — DCs “Black Adam” and “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile.”

The Dykstras, along with help from businesses and individuals have put a lot of work into cleaning, painting and renovating the theater to provide something for the community.

Dykstras had a soft opening last weekend for those who have supported them along the way and I was fortunate to be able to get a chance to watch “Black Adam.”

The temperature was perfect inside the theater. The popcorn was perfectly delicious, the movie was entertaining and the sound quality was great. All-in-all it was a fun evening and I am excited that there is a theater in Worland again.

We cannot say Thank You loud enough to the Dykstras for investing in our community and re-opening the theater. With so many streaming services and opportunities to watch movies at home, there is nothing quite like enjoying a movie on the big screen.

So I encourage you to show your appreciation and support by going to movies here in Worland, if not this weekend, then soon.

---Karla Pomeroy