Karla's Kolumn: Dear Santa


December 22, 2022

Karla Pomeroy

Roscoe the Rascal

I heard through the grapevine that I am on the naughty list and I am writing to protest. I feel you need to hear my side of things before making a final determination before Christmas.

Before we get started with my defense I just want to say thank you for giving me the best Christmas present ever last year with my furever home at the Pomeroys. The last year has been the best year of my life. (OK so I'm not even 2 yet, but still I love my family and my home so thank you.)

On with the defense. I am not sure the basis for the naughty ruling but I would like to say I only chase Tigger the cat for his benefit and mine, not to be mean.

You see he wonders a lot in the evening and he needs to stay fit and agile to evade any predators that might be out hunting him while he is on the prowl.

It benefits me because, I can chase birds all day long, and I have, but I never catch them. I want to know Tigger's secret because he seems to catch them on a daily basis but he won't share with me. If anyone should be on the naughty list it should be him for not sharing his secret hunting success tips.

If I am on there because sometimes I get a timeout when I don't listen to Dad it's just because I am still a puppy. (Note not even 2, barely in my dog teen years yet). I have a lot of energy and sometimes I just get so excited, like when I see Mom turning into the lane, or the UPS man, or the Schneiders running along the highway. (They would miss it if I didn't run and bark at them.)

You can't put a puppy on the naughty list for being a puppy. I listen to Dad 85% of the time. I'm a work in progress.

Now about getting stuff off the counters. Well that's on Mom for leaving things right there on the counter within reach. She should know better.

I love wrestling with my sisters, even when they don't want to. Again, I'm a puppy with lots of energy. I know sometimes I pull Ivy's hair too hard and sometimes it gets stuck in my teeth. Mom is great at getting it out though.

They are just the best sisters and so fun to run and play and wrestle with and I only do it to help them feel young and stay fit.

Well, thank you for taking time to hear my pleas. If you move me to the nice list there are a few gifts I could like.

Of course, nothing can top last year's gift, but if you are so inclined, I would like some chew toys that I can tear up without ending up on the naughty list. Some rawhide treats would be great too. And you could bring some toys and treats for my sisters Ivy and Shadow as well that would be great because I don't like to share, because I am a NICE brother.

I will have mom leave some type of treat for you and the reindeer. And hopefully my sisters won't eat it before you come. (They are not happy Mom put them on the weight reduction meal plan.)


A very nice (not naughty) Roscoe


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