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Meet Worland City Councilmember Peter Calderon


March 2, 2023

WORLAND – As a young child in Las Vegas, Nevada, Peter Calderon grew up with his second cousin – Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) – as an idol.

“It was my fundamental primary exposure to politics. Marco, as a kid, he had a picture of Reagan in his bedroom. He was always discussing politics, and he was very passionate about it. I’m the oldest kid, so I always looked up to Marco as like my oldest brother that I didn’t have,” Calderon said.

Calderon’s mother was a political refugee, brought to America from Cuba by her parents during Fidel Castro’s communist takeover. His father, a Peruvian, was sponsored by the Catholic Church to work in America. “You could say I definitely have a multicultural background, and I have a personal story of listening to all the experiences my grandmother would tell me about as a kid, in Spanish, of all the things that would happen in Cuba,” Calderon said.

“It’s something that definitely steered me into politics and studying governments and how they operate, and then later into foreign policy.”

Calderon found a love for American history and moved to Laramie in 2010 to earn his bachelor’s in political science, with a minor in history. Later on, he would add a master’s in international security to his collection. During his time in Laramie, Calderon worked as a teacher aide in the special education department.

Calderon, his wife and their two sons moved to Worland from Laramie in 2018, when Calderon took a position as a youth services specialist with Wyoming Boys’ School. Their boys both graduated from Worland High School, and the Calderons felt rooted to the community.

Currently, Calderon is working for Washakie County School District No. 1 as a teacher’s aide in special education. He is working on obtaining teaching certification through the University of West Florida.

“I always wanted to serve the public and have the experience to work in some sort of government,” Calderon said. “I didn’t think that the opportunity would ever come, when I saw the opportunity to serve on City Council and represent Worland and my ward, I thought it was a good opportunity, and I was very fortunate that the voters voted me in and supported me.”

Calderon was sworn on to Worland City Council on Jan. 3, 2023. “I think one of the main things I’ve learned is how important it is to work together,” Calderon said. “I had an understanding coming in that one person isn’t going to make major changes, it’s a collaboration, it’s having those discussions, working together in order to achieve something.”

Calderon is a part of the Airport Committee, looking to improve Worland Municipal Airport. He hopes to see more recreation opportunities for Worland youth in his term. Though, he sees the input of his constituents as a major focus.

“I’ve been very open and receptive to what the community has talked about, whether it’s the potholes at the hospital on 15th Street or the chicken ordinance, which I’ve got a lot of positive support on the chicken ordinance, especially with the egg shortages,” Calderon said.

“I think for me personally, to accomplish moving forward, is to honestly learn and grow as a councilmember and take on more responsibilities down the road. I hope that my work is viewed as positive, productive and helpful to the community.”


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