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Barrasso expected short-term continuing resolution


November 16, 2023

With a deadline looming tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 17, of a potential government shutdown, U.S. Sen John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) said he expected another “short-term continuing resolution.”

Barrasso was in Worland to attend the Women in Ag annual symposium Friday at the Worland Community Center. Prior to speaking at the symposium he spoke with the Northern Wyoming News.

Regarding the budget he said, “I support keeping the government open. I voted to keep it open before and I’m going to do the same thing. It’s important for Wyoming, I think that we have an open functioning government for so many of the components. I want to make sure that we actually do appropriations bills in Wyoming. We’ve been slow to do it in Congress. For many years, [Congress does] this thing called an omnibus, at the end of the year, which people hate for all the right reasons. So we’re working our way through the appropriations process. We got all the ones out of the Senate Appropriations Committee, bipartisan and all of them. I met with yesterday, the chairman in the Ways and Means Committee in the House. They’re trying to get all the appropriations bills done in the house as well. We’re going to need a little more time to get that done. So they’ll likely be another short term continuing resolution, and it’s a matter of how long and short term.”

The House passed a continuing resolution Tuesday funding part of the government through Jan. 19 and others until Feb. 2. The resolution was expected to pass the Senate.


Regarding the Israel-Hamas war Barrasso said the United States needs to make sure that Israel has the weapons that they need to be able to “defend themselves and fight back against these terrorists. And if you see the videos of what happened, these Hamas, brutal, brutal terrorism. And they did it with GoPros on showing them massacring people beheading people, raping women, and they did it with GoPro so the world could see how awful they are. And people that have seen this. This can’t stand. And I support Israel’s efforts to eliminate the leadership of Hamas ... They are a world terrorist organization, and they’re being funded by Iran. And Biden’s making it easier for Iran to get money by paying money for hostages. They paid Iran to do this Iran nuclear deal, which was a bad deal. [Former President Donald] Trump was right to end it. But the Obama administration back then sent them money when the money goes for terrorism. Iran is a what they call a state sponsor of terrorism. And these are people that will, you know, say Death to Israel, Death to America. They want us all dead.

“And the folks that saw the terrorism that happened in Israel as a good thing, the same people would love to see that happen here in America.”


Barrasso spoke about his recent visit to the southern border earlier this month with five other senators.

“We did the midnight patrol. The border is not secure. We encountered a group of maybe 40 illegal immigrants from as far away as Moldova. I talked about that the last week in Casper, somebody said, Where’s Moldova? I mean, it’s, it’s so far away. They had to go through multiple countries to come up through Mexico and they paid smugglers to bring them in. So it’s just wrong. All of it is wrong and the Biden administration looks the other way.”

He said it is estimated that by the end of Bidens’ term there will have been 10 million illegal immigrants who have entered the country.


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