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 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    April 11, 2024 

Wyoming cites law to justify secrecy about wolf's alleged torture; but it may not apply

Twelve-year old law was intended to protect the identity of legal wolf hunters, and that doesn’t fit the description of a Sublette County man who broke the law by taking possession of a live wolf. Wyoming wildlife officials on Thursday released t... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    April 11, 2024 

Video corroborates key aspects of Wyoming wolf abuse allegations

Footage released by Wyoming Game and Fish shows a live wolf was brought into a public space. An accompanying report says a Daniel man admitted to possessing the animal. Video evidence released Wednesd... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    Wyoming    May 11, 2023

Yellowstone-area grizzly bears have stopped expanding their range

After half-century of expansion, bears reach limit of "suitable habitat," federal scientists report. CODY-For nearly five decades the grizzly population emanating from Yellowstone National Park has... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    January 26, 2023

Understaffed, overworked wardens leery of predator night hunting

CHEYENNE—An “unprecedented” shortage of Wyoming game wardens is adding to angst about a legislative proposal that would attract coyote hunters onto public land at night, adding to the thinned corps’ around-the-clock duties. “Our folks are feeling t... Full story


No easy fixes in sight for Wyo's statewide housing shortage

SHOSHONI-Up until the last few years, many residents of this town of 600 people near the east bank of Boysen Reservoir believed their community was dying out. The median age was 55. Businesses had... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    August 25, 2022

Mysterious moth-eating grizzlies have a people problem

ABSAROKA RANGE—Andy Pils was silent as he scanned with his Vortex spotting scope, its lens focused on a steep, talus-covered mountainside some 2.5 miles away. Two weeks before, 10 grizzly bears were clustered together in the same area flipping rocks... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    April 21, 2022

Targeted: Lawmakers in the political crosshairs of Wyo Gun Owners

Editor’s Note: Please note strong language in second graph that may offend some readers. The man had already left one voicemail on Sen. Larry Hicks’ (R-Baggs) personal cell phone. By the second message, the senator could tell from the caller’s voice... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    March 10, 2022

Smallmouth bass at Yellowstone's doorstep, posing potential 'nightmare'

True to its species’ reputation, the undersized smallmouth bass lacked neither ambition nor aggression: The roughly 10-inch fish attacked a nine-inch streamer. The Montana State University student who hooked it would later regret letting the b... Full story


Crossover voting ban dies, other election legislation prevails

Wyoming voters’ have retained their right to change party affiliation on election day after a bill to restrict the practice died in the Wyoming House of Representatives. Senate File 97 – Change in party affiliation died quietly when it did not rec... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    February 25, 2021

Court cans low-impact film permits in Grand Teton, Yellowstone parks

JACKSON — The National Park Service has changed its permitting requirements so that commercial filmmakers no longer have to pay fees or gain clearance as long as shoots are small and not in the wilderness. That nationwide change in regulation, a... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    October 29, 2020

Final cull: Exotic goat herd trimmed by 43 in Teton Park

JACKSON – Rangers have decided to pull volunteer hunters out of the Tetons early and cease the cull of exotic mountain goats for now. Volunteers killed 43 goats during a six-week effort. Grand Teton National Park Chief Ranger Michael Nash opted to wr... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    October 8, 2020

Grand Teton goat cull works toward elimination of mountain goats

JACKSON - "Mountaineering with a rifle" is how Taylor Glenn summed up his first few hours of pursuing mountain goats in Grand Teton National Park. The morning of Sept. 23, Glenn was soft-spoken and... Full story

 By Mike Koshmrl    News    August 13, 2020

Bridger-Teton campers disregard fire ban

JACKSON — While doing her job to prevent forest fires, Lesley Williams Gomez encountered what she described as entitled attitudes and reckless behavior last Friday night on Shadow Mountain. The Bridger-Teton National Forest fire prevention t... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    July 2, 2020

Yellowstone's biggest concessionaire requires masks

JACKSON — The hordes flowing through Yellowstone National Park will be required to wear masks in dozens of areas, indoors and out, this summer. The National Park Service itself has not mandated masks to blunt the spread of COVID-19, but Xanterra, t... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    April 30, 2020

Agencies gear up for antler rush

JACKSON — Pat Tenney led a crew that hiked east over the National Elk Refuge foothills Wednesday morning, and members strung out 14 people wide looking for points telling of antlers sticking up through the sagebrush. The team of Bridger-Teton N... Full story


Park staffing, services crippled by COVID; Yellowstone and Grand Teton experience will be different in 2020

JACKSON — In an ordinary summer a destination park as famous as Yellowstone brings on some 500 seasonal employees, about tripling its staff, to help handle the crush of 4-million-plus tourists drawn from around the world. In a world changed by the th... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    December 5, 2019

Plan to put Wi-Fi in historic park buildings criticized

JACKSON — When Yellowstone wrapped up its telecommunications plan a decade ago, the park specifically designated historic buildings like the Old Faithful Lodge and Lake Hotel cabins as places that wouldn’t be modernized with Wi-Fi technology. Kno... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    October 3, 2019

Game and Fish to eliminate elk feedground

JACKSON — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will eliminate the legally embattled Alkali Creek elk feedground in coming years as the threat of chronic wasting disease looms. The Bridger-Teton National Forest feedground, the lowest elevation of thre... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    August 15, 2019

Wildlife Services commits to review of methods

JACKSON — Facing legal pressure, a federal agency that kills wildlife deemed to be a nuisance has agreed to reassess its plans for operating in Wyoming. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services will take that step because of a set... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    August 1, 2019

Grizzlies returned to threatened species status

JACKSON — Wyoming and two neighboring states lost decision-making authority over grizzly bears with a federal judge’s ruling more than 10 months ago, but it wasn’t until this week that the federal government formally completed the paperwork to compl... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    August 1, 2019

Wyoming lawmakers won't touch 'yote whacking' with snowmobiles

JACKSON — A Jackson Hole woman’s effort to criminalize running down and running over coyotes with snowmobiles was shot down last week by a legislative committee. Local wildlife activist Lisa Robertson has had the ear of Rep. Mike Yin, of Teton County... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    July 25, 2019

Legislators consider licenses for fishing guides

JACKSON — Early every summer, Jackson Hole fishing guides trailer their drift boats to the simmered Green and New Fork rivers to cast for trout while the hometown Snake River is still sediment-choked, running high and all but unfishable. Sublette C... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    July 25, 2019

Game and Fish considers selling land to pay for housing

JACKSON — A half square mile of sagebrush flats and rolling Gros Ventre Range foothills with remarkable Teton views is being considered for a sale to raise funds for a state agency that’s been bit by Jackson Hole’s housing crisis. The undev... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    July 18, 2019

Requirement for hunters to carry bear spray being considered

JACKSON — Wyoming wildlife officials gathering in Rock Springs plan to discuss the idea of requiring hunters to carry bear spray in the grizzly-occupied Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Such a mandate is perhaps unlikely. The reason it’s coming up bef... Full story

 By MIKE KOSHMRL    News    May 30, 2019

Effort to prevent beaver trapping backfires

JACKSON — Lisa Robertson says she was just curious what would happen two years ago when she put in applications to become the sole person permitted to run beaver trap lines in a few creek drainages near Jackson. Being the founder of an o... Full story


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