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 By KARLA POMEROY    Opinion    July 7, 2022

Karla's Kolumn: Country life: Battling miller moths

Welcome to another installment of life in the country. I know you were thinking there is plenty to write about especially about elections and debates but with one big debate scheduled for Wednesday... Full story

 By KARLA POMEROY    Opinion    June 30, 2022

The News Editorial: Happy birthday to freedom in America

This Monday, July 4, 2022, we celebrate the 246th birthday of his nation we call the United States of America. I have to thank the founding fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and to... Full story


End the Stigma: The difference between stress and anxiety

What is the difference between stress and anxiety? Are they one in the same or different? There is a fine line between stress and anxiety. Stress is typically caused by an external trigger. The trigger can be short-term, such as an argument with a lo... Full story


GUEST COLUMN: No truth to Mike Lindell's comments regarding Wyoming elections

Mike Lindell is NOT the purveyor of election integrity truth. On May 29, 2022, Mike Lindell, peddler of pillows and promises, traveled to Wyoming to speak in conjunction with a political rally. While here, he took it upon himself to allege publicly... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 23, 2022

The News Editorial: What level of EMS would you support?

Fire and law enforcement are by law essential services, meaning counties and municipalities must provide those services. What is not an essential service is emergency medical services. No one really... Full story

 By Greg Johnson    Opinion    June 16, 2022

GUEST COLUMN: Agree or not Jan. 6 hearings are history we need to witness

A once-in-a-generation political crisis that’s systematically tightened its grip on the foundations of America’s democracy is coming to a crescendo with this month’s hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Thursday’s... Full story

 By KARLA POMEROY    Opinion    June 9, 2022

The News Editorial: Accentuating the positive

Two major news stories broke this week in Washakie County and while there was some negative tone expressed, first at the public hearing for the ambulance service station location on North Road 11, and... Full story

 By WENDY WIECKI    Opinion    June 9, 2022

End the Stigma: Addiction recovery and employment

One of the most important things a person in addiction recovery can do is to maintain employment. It is very important that they do not isolate and become unproductive. Employment is one way to provide daily stimulation, structure, and interactions... Full story

 By KARLA POMEROY    Opinion    June 2, 2022

The News Editorial: BAPC gives public chance to be heard

On Monday, the Worland Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission will be conducting a public hearing on the special exemption request by Washakie County for a new ambulance station. In anticipation... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 26, 2022

The News Editorial: Remembering those who fought for our freedoms

“When did we stop being the land of the brave and home of the free? When did freedom stop?” Those questions were asked of me on Monday during an interview with Democratic candidate for governor... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 19, 2022

The News Editorial: My take on the Code of the West

When James P. Owen wrote “Cowboy Ethics: What Business Leaders Can Learn from the Code of the West,” there was a rush for businesses and organizations to accept the Code of the West as a code of c... Full story


The News Editorial: Almost there

More than two years ago everything changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years ago we saw some businesses closed by the order of the governors, including here in Wyoming. We saw events cancelled or... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: A buffet of Easter thoughts

So I woke up this morning to snow and thought to myself, in December we thought we would not get a white Christmas. We did. And now it looks like we may get a white Easter as well. Perhaps the snow will melt but rain and snow are in the forecast... Full story


The News Editorial: Why not sign the bill?

So the new state legislative map with 62 House districts and 31 Senate districts is now law, becoming law, without Governor Mark Gordon’s signature. I know you are thinking did I not just talk about redistricting last week. You are right but with... Full story


Karla's Kolumn

It was about dusk the other night. I was taking a walk around the property with the dogs, and the cats, before it got too dark to see anything. Across our lane is some private property and then BLM.... Full story


The News Editorial: Time to find a better way

Officials from the Wyoming Democratic Party, during a press conference last week asked for an independent commission to handle redistricting efforts in the future. With politics and personal agendas... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: A dream season and vacation in Vegas

It’s about an hour before tipoff for the Wyoming Cowboys and Indiana Hoosiers in the NCAA Tournament First-Four games. This is the first time the Cowboys have made the NCAA Tournament since 2015, a season my husband and I were lucky enough to choos... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    March 3, 2022

The News Editorial: Ambulance service: essential or not, you decide

Kudos to the Washakie County Commissioners, who as they have in the past, took the reins to begin the discussion of continuing the general purpose one-cent sales tax. Voters have approved the tax... Full story


The News Editorial: Change in Party bill solves nothing, hinders voters

The primary election is six months away but work to impact who can vote in that election is underway in the Wyoming State Legislature with Senate File 97 – Change in Party Affiliation. The bill,... Full story


I may be 'bias'ed: Transgender girls are girls

A group of state lawmakers filed a bill that bars transgender women and girls in Wyoming from participating in high school and collegiate sports that match their gender identity. The Senate voted 25-4-1 to introduce the bill and it was referred to...


Karla's Kolumn: Roscoe the rascal

A few weeks ago I wrote about our adoption of Roscoe, a mixed breed pup we adopted from New Hope Humane Society. Roscoe is the first dog we adopted from New Hope but the fifth animal. When I... Full story


The News Editorial: Legislators need to prioritize

The Wyoming State Legislature begins the 2022 20-day budget session on Monday. There are many important decisions for the Legislature to make during this shortened session that occurs every two... Full story


I May Be 'Bias'ed: What are you really trying to ban?

A Tennessee school board sparked controversy last week by banning Art Spiegelman’s ‘Maus’, a graphic novel that tells Spiegelman’s father’s story surviving the Holocaust and Auschwitz, citing the book’s inappropriate language and... Full story


The News Editorial: Gearing up for year 4

This week’s issue of the Northern Wyoming News completes our third year returning to our roots and returning to a weekly newspaper. We appreciate the community’s support and especially our... Full story


What are co-occurring disorders?

Individuals who have substance use disorders, as well as mental health disorders, are diagnosed as having “co-occurring disorders.” The coexistence of both a mental illness and a substance use disorder is not uncommon. People with mental illness... Full story


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