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There is hope

There are some odd bills and some frustrating bills that have been filed during the current Wyoming Legislative Session, which should tell all residents to pay attention to what is happening in Cheyen...


Trying to be the top dog

So Mom told me that many of you readers enjoyed my letter to Santa. So I told her that I should be allowed to write more and she agreed. She did not tell me in the beginning that she would be allowed...


The News Editorial

Ready or not here comes 2023 This week we say goodbye to 2022 and on Sunday we welcome in 2023. A new year brings hope for the future and apprehension of the unknown. Think about when we celebrated...


Karla's Kolumn: Dear Santa

I heard through the grapevine that I am on the naughty list and I am writing to protest. I feel you need to hear my side of things before making a final determination before Christmas. Before we get... Full story


Volunteers: Where would we be without them

A comment made at Monday night’s Washakie County Fair Board meeting got me thinking. The audience member at the meeting told the board that most people in the community do not realize all the work...


Where's the movie magic in Hallmark Christmases?

Let me start off by saying I love Hallmark Christmas movies and It's A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movies, and now we have Great American Family Christmas movies. But let's be real, there's a lot of...


The News Editorial: Much to be thankful for this season

It is Thanksgiving weekend this weekend and that means the start of a busy Christmas and holiday season with many events, concerts and shopping. This week we have two entire pages (B1 and B2) full of area businesses with deals this weekend and on... Full story


Set boundaries for your mental health during holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and with that it usually brings cheer, family time, laughter, sharing with others, and making special memories with those you love. However, grief can change all of that. I so wish you could press pause on...


The News Editorial: Random ramblings on a cold Nov. day

Trying to pick a topic this week has proven difficult with many thoughts bouncing around in my mind so here are a few thoughts. I learned of Sen. Gerald Geis’ passing last week and just as I did when he retired, I reminisced about the many visits... Full story


The News Editorial: Winners but no losers Tuesday night

Congratulations to Tuesday’s winners and to the others who were on ballots around the Big Horn Basin. Those who also ran are not losers. They cared enough about their communities, their counties,... Full story


Sales tax and movies: Support them both

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters in Washakie County will be asked whether they would like to continue the one-cent general purpose tax aka the fifth-cent. Voting in favor of this tax will not raise taxes... Full story


Dealing with seasonal depression

Seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a type of depression. It’s triggered by the change of seasons and most commonly begins in the fall. This seasonal depression gets worse toward the later part of fall or early...


The News Editorial: Thank you for being a newspaper reader

National Newspaper Week was Oct. 2-8 this year and while I usually try to recognize this important week on the actual week, this year that week, just like the month of October, has quickly slipped by... Full story


Karla's Kolumn Country living: Along came a spider

So I love fall. I love fall temperatures. I love fall sports. I love fall colors. The one thing I hate about fall is spiders. OK, so I hate spiders in any season, but fall it seems like the spiders, w...


The News Editorial: Keep politics out of school board races

Partisan or non-partisan that is the question on the minds of many states the past few years and the topic has been school board elections. In Wyoming municipal races and school board races are by statute nonpartisan, meaning candidates do not need... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Amazing food memories

Author Piolo Pascual wrote, “I’ve always loved how food preserves a memory.” Truer words probably have never been written. I will taste something or eat a favorite dish and the memories come... Full story


The News Editorial: Opportunity to be Informed

While it is only September and the Nov. 8 general election is more than a month away, the time to be an informed voter is now. While the county and city council races are uncontested, residents still... Full story


The News Editorial: Never forget

Never forget. What does that mean? You saw the phrase a lot for the 9/11 terror attacks that happened 21 years ago last Sunday. This year, more than any other, the thought occurred to me that every child in grades kindergarten through 12th grade and... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Celebrity feuds go to new levels

There seems to be a new twist on celebrity feuds that is benefiting many non-profit organizations. If a celebrity is attacked or offended, instead of getting even, now they turn it into a marketing campaign. There are two notable ones that I know of... Full story


End The Stigma: Valuable lessons in recovery

The last article to cover addiction-related issues was to help gain an understanding about the difference between sobriety and recovery. It was to help recognize that recovery is more than just abstinence from a substance or behavior. Obviously,...


The News Editorial: Facts and opinions on the ambulance station

Monday afternoon I listened to a nearly hour-long hearing regarding the proposed ambulance station at 603 North Road 11. The hearing was for the sole purpose of the judge listening to arguments... Full story


The News Editorial: Taking care of family

For the past several weeks my heart has been aching as I know it has for many in this community. On any given day we can lose someone in our community but lately some of those losses have been sudden... Full story


GUEST COLUMN: We can learn lesson from ball player

Did you see the video earlier this month of the Little League batter consoling the opposing team’s pitcher? During the Little League Southwest Regional final Aug. 9 in Waco, Texas, right-hander Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, was facing batter I... Full story


The News Editorial: A few notes on election and community

It is Tuesday night and we are waiting for results from across the state to come in as the secretary of state and superintendent of public instruction races right now are too close to call. Washakie County had its results printed out for those of wai... Full story


The News Editorial: A difficult decision

Several years ago I decided as a journalist I would register as unaffiliated or independent. I realized the difficulties that would entail, especially in the Big Horn Basin where many county races... Full story


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