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 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 8, 2021

The News Editorial: It's all about the why

In journalism you are taught to get the who, what, where, when, why and how. With so many avenues to get information in today’s world I began thinking about those questions and a few things... Full story


Tracy Jean Brazelton

Tracy Jean (Dworshak) Brazelton, 59-year-old Worland resident passed away at the Billings Clinic on July 5, 2021. Tracy was born on November 26, 1961 in Bozeman, Montana. Memorial services will be 10 a.m. on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at the Worland... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 1, 2021

Karla's Kolumn: What pets can teach us about relationships

So I had two main themes planned for this column this week and well then something funny happened last night, well funny, endearing and just cute. When we adopted Tigger and Fluffy several months ago... Full story

 By Avery Howe    Opinion    June 24, 2021

Staff Views: Wearing Out Wyoming: Yellowstone tourism, economy and environment

As the least-populated state, we are always hyperaware when suddenly the highways are busy and the hotels are full. Tourist season is generally met with a wrinkled nose or furrowed brow when mentioned here in Wyoming, despite the fact that a large ch... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Responsibilities of being a dog owner

My dogs hate this time of year. They love to go for rides and often run to the store with me on weekends. But when temperatures are already 60 degrees at breakfast I know it is too hot for them to sit in a car unless the air conditioning is going ful... Full story

 By Avery Howe    Opinion    June 10, 2021

The News Staff Views: Taking on a new role

Hello, as this is the first issue of Northern Wyoming News I have ever contributed to, I would like to offer a short introduction of who I am and what I hope to bring to our readers. My family and I are from Greybull, and I spent a lot of my time as... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 3, 2021

The News Editorial: Simple gesture means a lot

There is the saying that membership has it’s privileges and I am taking advantage of that today. While we do not allow letters of thank you I am taking the time to say thank you to the person who dr... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 27, 2021

The News Editorial: Lest we forget

You turn on the TV, scroll through social media, listen to conversations at the grocery store or over coffee and you hear and see the divisiveness that exists in our world today. On Monday, there is... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 20, 2021

The News Editorial: Kudos for a busy May and Mental Health Awareness

It’s time to hand out a few kudos. First, kudos to the “merry month of May.” I don’t know if May is necessarily merry but it is busy. That’s a good thing and this year it definitely does... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 13, 2021

Karla's Kolumn: Expect the unexpected

This weekend, 88 seniors from Worland and eight from Ten Sleep will graduate. This month and next students from across the country in high schools and colleges will be saying goodbye to one journey... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 6, 2021

The News Editorial: Legislature was right to address health order process

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time graduation ceremonies were changed dramatically, events were canceled. Today, both schools are planning regular graduations on May 16, summer... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Life with Cats, Chapter 2

So I’m outside with the kids – you know all five of my fur kids – and we’re taking a walk and enjoying the weather this weekend. I see Fluffy, one of our newest cats just sitting and enjoying... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Vaccine or not, respect one another

Shot number two of the Moderna vaccine came and went with barely a whisper. What I mean by that is that the three of us at the Northern Wyoming News who received our first shot on March 17, received o... Full story


Consider QPR training to save a life

We have all had that friend who we think might be a little depressed due to stressors in their life. According to SSM Health, intimate partner problems, legal issues, unemployment/financial problems... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    April 8, 2021

Kudos to legislators, firefighters, community

The Wyoming Legislature 2021 regular session came to an end this week with some final bills being worked in conference committee. A lot of those bills you and I may never know what they do or don’t... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    April 1, 2021

Karla's Kolumn: Is the News building haunted?

Do you remember on the Family Circus comic strip the “ghost” Not Me. When the parents ask the children who did something they would say “Not Me” and the ghost would be in the next panel. Well...

 By Editor    Opinion    March 25, 2021

Karla's Kolumn: It was my choice to get shot

I got shot last Wednesday. Actually half of the staff at the Northern Wyoming News got shot – with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during the vaccine clinic at the Worland Community Center Complex. One hundred Washakie County residents showed up at...


Karla's Kolumn: Championship memories

Congratulations to the Worland Warriors on their 3A State Boys Basketball title. It is well-deserved. Congratulations also to speech champions Kim Sumida and Chase Johnson and state champion...


The News Editorial: A lesson in free speech

Last Tuesday night the Worland City Council got a small course in free speech and what is considered protected and not protected speech. In an era where people are offended by nearly everything the Fi... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    March 4, 2021

The News Editorial: Things make you go Hmmm: State Legislature edition

In this edition of Things Make You Go Hmmm we look at a few bills before the Wyoming State Legislature and we’ll start with Senate File 17 which would stop the requirement of cities, towns and count... Full story


The News Editorial: Be alert: Firearm licensing act introduced in U.S. House

They say ignorance is bliss or what you don’t know won’t hurt you but when it comes to legislation, whether at the state or federal level, nothing could be further from the truth. We as citizens... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Learning more about cats

We adopted two cats recently from New Hope Humane Society. Earlier this year we had to say goodbye to our beloved Buddy after about five years and we needed to find another feline companion for... Full story


The News Editorial: After 116 years mission remains the same - to serve our community

This week we complete two full years as the weekly newspaper the Northern Wyoming News and what a year it was. We started year two out with an open house in February. Yes, it was pre-COVID or rather... Full story


The News Editorial: Where are the grownups?

There are many things happening in our community, state and country right now that make me shake my head. Let us start locally, last week on the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration a resident... Full story


The News Editorial: Online petitions serve no real purpose

Online petitions are a joke. There I said it. If you have signed one recently, I apologize if I have offended you but I am only being honest and realistic. I say they are joke only because I believe...


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