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The News Editorial: Do you know why you had Monday off?

Monday was a federal holiday where the U.S. Postal Service was shut down, banks were closed and government, local, state and federal offices were closed. What holiday you ask, for the many like us here at the Northern Wyoming News who were working?... Full story


The News Editorial: Celebrating the freedoms in the First Amendment

"Think F1rst" is the motto for this year's National Newspaper Week, Oct. 6-12. The emphasis is on the First Amendment and the five freedoms listed and granted in the First Amendment of our U.S.... Full story


Tracie's Thoughts: Let's talk about guns

With the 2020 elections there is an item of interest that has me completely baffled; getting rid of Americans' guns. Why would anyone in their right mind want to take away, for some, the only form of... Full story


Karla's Kolumn

I had a wonderful week-long vacation earlier this month in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband and our two dogs and while I won't bore you with the family vacation photos I would like to...


The News Editorial: In times of trouble, focus on the positive

Shoppers in Worland Sunday found the Reese & Ray’s IGA store closed with a notice “Closed until further notice” posted on the doors. Now the signs just say closed but the liquor store remains open. Yes, one more business closing is a...


Karla's Kolumn: 20 years and counting

A week ago on Wednesday, Sept. 4, my husband, Alan and I, celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Last week we had a story of a couple married 70 years and this week we have one with a couple... Full story


Tracie's Thoughts: When did the police become the enemy?

It seems that every time you read the news, via newspaper or internet, or listen to the news, another law enforcement officer has been attacked, shot or killed. I don't understand why law enforcement... Full story


Tracie's Thoughts: What has gone wrong?

There are a lot of unpleasant things that I have experienced in my lifetime; losing a good friend to suicide when I was a teenager, the death of all but one of my grandparents, abusive relationships, having my first grandchild born premature at 27 we... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Read carefully and thoroughly ...

Reading is an important part of everyone's life. We read every day, whether it is traffic signs, school books, your music playlist, the guide on your TV, Facebook memes, tweets, or, of course, the...


Tracie's Thoughts: Things I just don't understand

I remember growing up and not understanding things and being told by family, teachers and friends that I would understand when I got older, but here I am 47 years old and I find myself more confused...


Karla's Kolumn: Mental health must be part of the solution

Weeks after two mass shootings that left 32 innocent people dead in Texas and Ohio, people are still pointing fingers and finding someone or something to blame. Just like with guns and gun control,... Full story


Tracie's Thoughts: Teaching your child bicycle safety

The other day I saw an incident with a child riding their bicycle that chilled me to the bone and caused me to speak with both the Washakie County Sheriff's Office and the Worland Police Department ab... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Let freedom, not fear, reign

"The ultimate human experience." A trailer from the Universal Pictures movie "The Hunt," that was set to be released next month describes the scenario where rich elitists get to hunt 12 Midwest... Full story


Tracie's Thoughts: Wyoming citizens are the best

I first arrived in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, from Vermont, in July of 1997 and I was amazed by the people here, their old fashioned morals and willingness to help each other ... for no pay. Over the years... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: How do we stop it? Stop the hate

It was a horrific weekend in America with 31 people killed, dozens injured by mass killers in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The shootings were less than 13 hours apart and less than a week from... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Random thoughts through writer's block

Coming up with a 52 topics in a year can be difficult at times. OK, let's be honest, coming up with the topics is easy, putting them together in a column or editorial in a way that makes sense is... Full story

 By Cyd Lass    Opinion    August 1, 2019

How to say goodbye in 600 words or less

I used to think it was impossible for kids to grow up into what they wanted to be. It wasn't until I had been in my old bedroom, packing boxes when I came across a composition notebook from fourth... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 25, 2019

News EditorialFair week starts a frenzy of summer fun

Next week is a busy time in the southern part of the Big Horn Basin. As always there are three county fairs going on, Big Horn County Fair in Basin, Hot Springs County Fair in Thermopolis, and, of course, the Washakie County Fair right here in... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 18, 2019

Karla's Kolumn: What's the next giant leap?

There are many major events in recent history that I can say I remember where I was — 9/11 of course is the most obvious; the Challenger; President Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination. But 50 years ago this Saturday was the historic landing...


The News Editorial

The celebration of the birth of our nation and the declaration of our independence and our freedom was marred by several events last week. In 1776, 243 years ago, we declared our freedom from England’s tyranny. But that fact has seemed to have... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 4, 2019

News Editorial: Use common sense this Fourth of July

Common sense safety. If it is common sense you think the safety tips would go without having to be said, but that’s not the case, that’s why on your blow dryer it says not to immerse in water. Common sense tells us that would be a bad idea but... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Celebrating our independence

Independence Day is a week from today I know, you're thinking why write something a week early. Well two reasons. One, I've had writer's block for this space and now that is 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday...


Staff Column: Kindness relieves the pain

So many people in this world are fighting diseases that no one knows about. The checker girl the other day who didn't smile at your joke, the waiter who kept forgetting condiments, the man who forgot...


The News Editorial

Attention Worland Ward 3 residents now is your chance. There is an opening on the city council following the resignation of Melissa Rivera who is moving due to an employment opportunity. Letters of interest are being accepted through July 31. This... Full story


The News Editorial

What does life after Shopko look like? Shopko closed last month in Worland. Shopko stores have closed around the Big Horn Basin and across the state. Worland has been proactive in reacting to the closure, not allowing one big box chain store closing... Full story


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