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Fish kill raises questions about what species belong

In September, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department applied 14,000 pounds of a chemical called rotenone to kill anything with gills in Saratoga Lake. It's a naturally derived chemical used commonly to... Full story


Wolverines in the Snowy Range? Biologists aim to find out

When it comes to animals, not comic book characters, few wolverines are as famous as wolverine M56. Over the course of a few years, the badger-sized animal with claws meant for digging and teeth meant for ripping wandered from the Tetons to Rocky... Full story


Researchers hunt for clues behind decline of Wyo's largest turtle

Up close, the spiny softshell turtle looks a little like a leather pancake, but few people get that kind of glimpse. In most sightings, they likely resemble an alligator, with only a long nose and pair of eyes poking out of the water, waiting for... Full story


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