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News Editorial: Support our troops

This year the Wyoming Army National Guard will deploy about 300 soldiers in operations across the world, the largest deployment in 10 years. According to the WANG, it’s been almost a decade since Wyoming sent about 700 soldiers overseas. The... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    April 4, 2019

NEWS EDITORIAL: A trust issue for UW trustees

The University of Wyoming Board of Trustees has a trust issue and a transparency issue. How they proceed with the new presidential search will determine if they can fix these two issues. The board opted last week to not offer current President...


Karla's Kolumn: Embracing the challenges

Saturday marked the fourth anniversary of my hire as the Northern Wyoming News editor. Every job I have had in my journalism career has challenged me and helped me grow in my chosen profession and...


Karla's Kolumn: Thank you for investing in Worland

Congratulations to Bomgaars for the latest business to invest in the future of Worland. The farm and ranch supply store begins its four-day grand opening today. We welcome the franchise to Worland and hope they, along with all of the Worland...


Karla's Kolumn: Do you want to be a superhero?

The latest release from Marvel Comics is Captain Marvel and I confess I was one of the many that made it a blockbuster hit on its opening weekend. According to the Associated Press, "Captain Marvel,"... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: We must teach history in its entirety, and not alter it

This past weekend while perusing social media I ran across a post by an opinion writer (I won't say journalist because the piece was strictly opinion, very few facts). The post was a "poll" by Rick... Full story


Remembering Dr. Wills

An old friend of mine died a couple of months ago. He was Aubrey Daryll Wills and everyone called him Daryll, if they didn’t refer to him as Dr. Wills. Daryll practiced medicine as a radiologist here in the Big Horn Basin for a good many years. I c... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Can you taste that memory

Trisha Yearwood sings “The Song Remember When.” Music can bring back a lot of memories but in chatting with a longtime friend of mine over the weekend I came to the conclusion a lot of my memories center around food. It’s the different senses...


Karla's Kolumn: A session of good, bad and odd

More than 500 pieces of legislation have been introduced during the current Wyoming Legislative session; 500 pieces of legislation that could potentially impact your life. Here are some thoughts on...


Karla's Kolumn: I'm not picky, I eat crickets

I have developed over the years a willingness to try new things. Now, that said, there are my favorites and there are things I just won’t eat, like broccoli. My husband and I have talked about this and some of our dislike of foods come from our...


Karla's Kolumn: Welcome to the Northern Wyoming News

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Northern Wyoming News, continuing the long tradition, more than 100 years, of chronicling the life and times of the people in Washakie County and the Big Horn Basin. This newspaper began as a weekly newspaper,... Full story


The News Editorial: Ushering in a new era

Well this is it, the final daily publication for the Northern Wyoming Daily News. Next week we issue in a new era with the Northern Wyoming News, a weekly publication. For 80 years the Northern Wyoming Daily News has been publishing five days a... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: The challenge of forgiveness

If you missed the community presentation for Rachel’s Challenge Thursday night at the Worland Middle School Auditorium you missed something special. Larry Scott, uncle to Rachel Scott who died in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, talked... Full story


Karla's Kolumn

I have not been able to fathom the complete hypocrisy of the entertainment world. I'm not talking about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood actors and industry executives....


Karla's Kolumn: Saying goodbye to a great rat hunter

Our ad salesperson Erin came back to the Lovell Chronicle office from getting photos for the pet of the week. She told me I had to check this dog out. She showed me the photograph and I agreed I had t...


Karla's Kolumn: Do you believe?

Warning, the following column might not be appropriate for young children - young children who still believe in Santa Claus - so continue reading at your own peril. It's Christmas time. Some believe...


Karla's Kolumn: The Christmas spirit

I believe Worland has found the Christmas spirit and in abundance this year. It started on Nov. 24 with the RT Communications Trim-A-Tree Lighting Ceremony. It was the first year and having been in...


Karla's Kolumn: Don't be a Negative Nelly

I used to think people nowadays are easily offended but after a few things happened this week I have come to a different conclusion. People are not necessarily easily offended by things as they are...


Karla's Kolumn: A different type of shopper

I didn't go Black Friday shopping. Well at least as of this writing, because, that's correct, I am at work, writing this column and working on the Saturday issue. We are closing early today and if I...


Karla's Kolumn: Always something to be thankful for

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Many of you may be wondering in the world we live in today if there is anything to be thankful for. I would say yes, there is plenty to be thankful for today. No, I'm not...


Karla's Kolumn: When there are no words

I woke up earlier than usual on Thursday morning. My husband was coming into the bedroom. He informed me there had been another senseless mass shooting. This time the shooting took place at a club in... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Continuing the sales tax is important to the future of Washakie County

While the nation focuses on who will win control of the U.S. House and Senate after Tuesday’s election, local voters have many important races to focus on in addition to the federal races. Worland voters will be deciding on the makeup of the city c...


Karla's Kolumn: Party affiliation and Wyoming politics

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office released numbers this week announcing that more than 12,000 people changed their party affiliation this year from July 6 and Sept. 20. After the primary election on Aug. 21, governor candidate Foster Friess s...


Karla's Kolumn: How dogs are like humans, only better

Did you know dogs get the hiccups? They do. I didn't realize they could get hiccups either until we got our oldest dog Sarah 15 years ago. She doesn't get them as much now as she did when she was...


Karla's Kolumn: Like MLK Jr. I too have a dream

There has been a lot going on in our country and I have pondered how to address the issues. I certainly have opinions regarding many of the things that have been happening but as I have watched...


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