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 By Ramsey Scott    News    April 11, 2019

Trump executive order could pave way for Washington coal port terminal

CHEYENNE — An executive order from President Donald Trump that could help pave the way for coal exports garnered praise from Wyoming leadership this week. But critics see it as a way to lessen local control over issues of water quality in favor of... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    April 11, 2019

APRIL 15 - Wyoming Legislature could take another look at tolling I-80

CHEYENNE — The Wyoming Legislature will take another crack at the idea of tolling Interstate 80 as a way to help fund improvements and maintenance along the more than 400 miles of road. The Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    March 21, 2019

Legislature's interim topics finalized

CHEYENNE — Lawmakers have been given their marching orders for this upcoming interim session by the Legislature's Management Council. The leadership of the House and Senate approved a slew of topics Friday for committees to work on during the... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    March 21, 2019

Lack of legislative progress on revenue disappoints governor

CHEYENNE — Gov. Mark Gordon said even though he thought it was a successful legislative session, he was frustrated with the lack of progress made this year in creating viable revenue streams for priorities like education. During a Thursday press... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    March 21, 2019

Drug company sued by Wyoming settles similar case with Oklahoma

CHEYENNE — A major settlement between the State of Oklahoma and the manufacturer of the drug OxyContin could have ramifications for lawsuits against the company filed by the State of Wyoming, the City of Cheyenne and several other cities around... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    March 14, 2019

States waiting on hemp rules from USDA to start planting

CHEYENNE — While the federal government paved the way for industrial hemp production in the 2018 Farm Bill, states still need direction on how the nascent industry will be regulated before seeds can go into the ground. Once hemp was legalized by... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    March 14, 2019

MARCH 18 - Gordon vetoes two bills, declines to sign several others

CHEYENNE – Gov. Mark Gordon on Friday used his veto pen on two bills, one of which would have authorized the Legislature to sue to allow Wyoming’s coal to be exported through Washington state. Gordon also declined to sign several more bills he...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 21, 2019

FEB. 27 Gov. Gordon takes out his veto pen for state budget

CHEYENNE — Gov. Mark Gordon used his veto pen Tuesday to reject more than two dozen items out of the state supplemental budget passed by the Legislature this month. The vetoes started a domino effect in the Legislature with the House set to meet... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 21, 2019

FEB. 26 - Statewide lodging tax condemned by Senate

CHEYENNE – The Senate killed a bill to implement a statewide lodging tax on a final vote Monday after it was pulled from the consent list. It was just one of several bills aimed at broadening and diversifying the state’s revenue stream that... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 21, 2019

FEB. 22 - Party-switching bill dies

CHEYENNE – The Senate voted Thursday to kill the last bill in the Legislature that would have closed the state’s primary elections to voters who switched their party affiliation. House Bill 106, sponsored by Rep. Jim Blackburn, R-Cheyenne, was... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 14, 2019

FEB. 19 - Local school security bill dies in House

CHEYENNE – In an overwhelming floor vote, the state House of Representatives killed a school security bill Friday because of what some called an unfunded, and unneeded, mandate on schools. Senate File 64, sponsored in the interim session by the Joi... Full story

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 14, 2019

FEB. 15 - Senate kills death penalty repeal bill

CHEYENNE - The effort to end the death penalty in Wyoming was unable to get past conservative opposition Thursday in the state Senate. House Bill 145, sponsored by Rep. Jared Olsen, R-Cheyenne, was...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    February 7, 2019

FEB. 11 -Senate, House expect budget deal this week

CHEYENNE — Leadership in both chambers projected an air of stability and optimism Friday after the midweek drama in the Legislature over the state’s supplemental budget. The Senate suspended its rules and introduced several new spending bills...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    January 24, 2019

State Senate committee shuts door on closed primaries

CHEYENNE – A Republican’s effort to end party switching before a primary election died in committee after two days of testimony that included demands from local and state party leaders. The Senate Corporations, Elections and Political...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    January 15, 2019

Legislative leaders share vision for taxes

CHEYENNE — The leaders of both chambers of the state Legislature have made stabilizing revenue one of their top priorities this general session. On Friday, they gave more insight into how they’d aim to accomplish that, including taxing renewable...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    January 3, 2019

Bill would ban child marriage; Wyoming would join two other states

CHEYENNE –- The Wyoming Legislature could act this year to make the state one of only three in the country that prevents any child under the age of 18 from getting married. Currently, Wyoming law sets the legal age for marriage at 16, but allows...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    December 28, 2018

Economic council bill dies despite business support

CHEYENNE — In the midst of the Legislature’s interim work this year, the state’s economic diversification organization suffered when a bill to create a lead officer for coordinating efforts across state agencies died in committee.  The failed...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    December 27, 2018

Mead's budget contains millions for senior care

CHEYENNE — As lawmakers parse through Gov. Matt Mead’s supplemental budget requests during the 2019 general session, a question they will have to find an answer to is how to ensure Wyoming’s aging population has the care it needs. Included in...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    December 18, 2018

JAC adds money for school security and maintenance

CHEYENNE — State lawmakers gave initial support to a supplemental school construction bill that includes additional funding for maintenance, school security and money for a Cheyenne charter school’s housing costs.  The Joint Appropriations...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    December 11, 2018

Legislature to review several tax bills in 2019

CHEYENNE — Start a conversation about Wyoming state government’s finances with lawmakers or outside observers, and inevitably the talk will move to the need for the state to diversify where it gets its money.  Currently, just less than 50...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    November 14, 2018

Wyoming could switch its investment strategy

CHEYENNE – While Wyoming has benefited recently from massive gains from the financial market, the state may shift its investment strategy to a more conservative approach for the state’s checking account. The potential change would be to...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    October 19, 2018

Four U.S. House candidates face off in debate

CHEYENNE — The four candidates competing for Wyoming’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives took to the airwaves Tuesday night to convince voters they should be heading to Washington, D.C. The wide-ranging debate, hosted by Wyoming...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    October 16, 2018

States with mail-in ballots like the system

CHEYENNE – Mail-in ballots aren’t a foreign concept to Wyoming. They’re used for voting in special district elections. If an election needs to be run again, mail-in ballots can be used. And 31 percent of voters used absentee ballots in 2016...

 By Ramsey Scott    News    October 9, 2018

Three candidates for governor spar on TV

CHEYENNE –Three of the four candidates vying to be Wyoming’s next governor appeared on Cheyenne television Saturday night to lay out their vision for the state’s economy. But by the end, two of the candidates were exchanging accusations of...


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